About Us


Our Story

Spring Hill Flying Club unites a group of rusty pilots young and old to get them back to what they love to do, Flying Planes.

As a member of Spring Hill Flying Club you not only become a unique group of pilots that love to fly, but you now can do it at a very affordable hourly rate.

As a club member we will help you get back your confidence in flying planes with the clubs CFI at a low affordable rate.
Pilots that haven't flown in a long time due to high cost of ownership or high cost of renting  aircraft will want to join our club.
It's easy and affordable

Come Join us, we would love to have you as a part of our unique flying club.

Meet the Team

Spring Hill Flying Club Teem of officers are here to assist members so they can get back to what they love to do, the joy of flying.


Louie Dubaj

Founder & CEO

As a pilot and a military veteran Mr. Dubaj found the need to help pilots that gave up flying due to cost of ownership or renting of aircraft back to what they once love to do.

Louie's first flying lesson was back in 1969 and never lost interest in flying since.

Today, Louie makes his mission in life to bring back the enthusiasm of flying to those flew pilots that dropped out of flying for one reason or another.


Dokmai Dubaj

Vice President

Mrs. Dubaj  graduated from Assumption University Thailand with a master in information technology.

Mrs. Dubaj became a IT manager of more then 50 employees at Thailand's largest wireless communication company.

With her background in IT she brings a vast knowledge to the clubs day to day operations and building the clubs website.

After helping her husband Louie form Spring Hill Flying Club she soon became a valuable asset to the flying club's day to day operations.



Preem Pinthong


Miss Pinthong was brought on-board in 2016 with her knowledge of accounting and book keeping to oversee all financial day to day operations of Spring Hill Flying Club.